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GoodWe Battery Ready Application

EH Series

The GoodWe EH series consists of a single-phase hybrid inverter with a section exclusively designed for energy storage. It is introduced as a conventional on-grid inverter, but from the hardware point of view, this contraption is a hybrid inverter.
• Achieve real-time load status monitoring with GoodWe’s smart meter.
• Adjustable export power limit function integrated.

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*1 The smart meter comes in an optional package that includes a pre-wired CT (current transformer).
*2 The "Battery Ready" function enables users to upgrade EH system into energy storage system without extra equipment.
*3 The backup mode is available only after the battery is connected. The backup & UPS functions will be activated once the battery has been installed and connected.

The "Battery Ready" Concept

Integrating the "Battery Ready" concept, the GoodWe EH inverter works as a conventional on-grid inverter. However, this inverter is designed so that the user, once he has decided to increase his level of self-consumption, can convert the EH into an energy storage system by only acquiring an activation code. GoodWe offers an economical option for all those users who at the beginning are still undecided about whether or not to acquire an energy storage system.

Consumption Monitoring (Optional)

As illustrated in the diagram, the EH Series counts with an option to carry out monitoring in real time through the use of an intelligent meter. With the assistance of the GoodWe monitoring platform, the EH Series can also calculate selfconsumption levels per day, month or year, providing a comprehensive overview of the consumption of the loads, and the general efficiency achieved in the use of solar energy.

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GoodWe HomeKit Application

24 Hours Real-time Consumption Monitoring

The GoodWe HomeKit is a solution designed to monitor load energy consumption in real time for 24 hours. Based on the best design principles, the HomeKit is tailored to the needs of the home and requires only an internet connection. An additional advantage of this system is that it is compatible with different brands of inverters, contributing in an important way to maintain a record of the load consumption. The data collected is stored in the cloud by Wi-Fi or LAN. The end users benefit by achieving a better understanding of their electricity consumption and the source from which it is generated.

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*1 The current version of HomeKit supports single-phase systems. An upgraded version able to support three-phase systems will be available in the near future.

GoodWe HomeKit for Households without PV

Simply by connecting to the internet, the GoodWe HomeKit Solution can carry out consumption monitoring in real time, helping users to achieve a more detailed understanding of the electricity consumption at home and allowing also to assess the concrete benefits of a potential PV installation.

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